Thursday, April 22, 2010

048 - baby parody

Sometimes you just can't take things too seriously.
I had an assignment once where we were given a handful of words and needed to photograph something that could be described by that word. One of my words was "parody". Almost immediately I knew what I wanted to do. Off to Walmart in the wee hours of the night searching for a "baby" double and some silk flowers. The end result was my Anne Geddes parody.
This photo amuses me quite a bit. Elliott on the other hand, is completely creeped out by it. I guess it falls into whatever valley he spoke about once. I have wanted to do a series of baby double poses and hang them around the house for laughs. Gallery style! Probably not such a nice thing to do to the man I love but I would get quite a chuckle out of it!


  1. I can see how this would creep him out. You have to do it, and hang them in the new place! :-)

  2. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong...

    Nej, the blue ones she had are even least the warm lighting is tolerable, if only slightly less creepy.

    Oh, I meant to mention: we don't have room for the plastic baby in the moving van, you'll have to leave it at the curb and post it on Craigslist.

  3. (hehehe)

    Wrong? Maybe.

    Funny? Heck yes!!!! :-)

    Lori, do you have the others posted somewhere that I can see. Curiosity killed the cat and all. Now I must see the blue ones. :-)

  4. LOL! I shot this same pose a few different times and I had the camera's white balance set wrong initially so they came out blue. That's funny, I totally forgot about those!

    I wanted to pose the baby in and around all sorts of things...baskets, watermelons, drawers, etc... Elliott didn't want to have anything to do with it. Usually he's so supportive, I just don't understand... (tee hee)

    Oh, and Elliott, I will be sure to have the baby safetly packed before you get home. In a box. Somewhere.

  5. More creepy babies:

  6. In a box...somewhere.

    A woman after my own heart. Hilarious! Elliott, you just never know what box it will be. Could be the kitchen stuff, could be your sock drawer. (evil laugh)