Friday, July 9, 2010

053 - Bzzzzzz

O happy day! I am uncontrollably drawn to photographing flowers, and daisy shaped ones are my favorite. We went to the local garden center last weekend (which was one of the most awesome garden centers I have ever stepped foot in), and came home with amid other things, these beautiful flowers. I'm not really sure what kind they are; I guess I could go digging around in the pot for a label...but it's really not all that important to me.

Since it rained today it was the water droplets on the gerbera daisies that originally drew me out to the deck tonight. However, it was the bee that immediately got my attention once I got outside. It was even kind enough to stay put while I ran back into the house to get a different lens. Plus... it didn't sting me! O happy day!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

052 - Ohio House HDR

It's a new post! I bet you thought I had all but given up on this little venture. Obviously, 365 consecutive days of photos is a pipe dream. I admit defeat. But, I am going to continue shooting and posting here as often as possible. Maybe someday I will attempt a post a day again...

Anyway, today I have a really cool old house we came across driving around in Northeast Ohio. I would have loved to get inside this place. Normally DO NOT TRESPASS signs won't keep me away, however, there was an occupied house right across the street and I didn't feel like getting arrested my first week in Ohio.

I've done some high def photo shopping to enhance the overall feeling of abandonment. I dig old houses...can't you tell?