Sunday, July 4, 2010

052 - Ohio House HDR

It's a new post! I bet you thought I had all but given up on this little venture. Obviously, 365 consecutive days of photos is a pipe dream. I admit defeat. But, I am going to continue shooting and posting here as often as possible. Maybe someday I will attempt a post a day again...

Anyway, today I have a really cool old house we came across driving around in Northeast Ohio. I would have loved to get inside this place. Normally DO NOT TRESPASS signs won't keep me away, however, there was an occupied house right across the street and I didn't feel like getting arrested my first week in Ohio.

I've done some high def photo shopping to enhance the overall feeling of abandonment. I dig old houses...can't you tell?


  1. Old house, abandoned buildings....they are great!!!!!

  2. Awesome Picture, Lori!! I love your pictures. It doesn't matter if it's every least you are doing it once in awhile....